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My Orchard
 Hey all.......years ago...after I called myself retiring from Rock and Roll..........I decided, I wanted to garden.
So I set out researching gardening. Ya know, I just wanted to learn how to grow maters and stuff, good.
 Well...I never stooped researching......I soon discovered organic.....GMO's........wild edibles....and even herbs for the government , modern medicine, big pharma, and big business all play a roll in it.
 Well..research online isn't very easy....after a while, you soon discover a lotta misinformation, both by people who don;t know their ass from a hole in the ground, and the so called official folks. Hard thing to swallow, that the world is full of lies.....and that you cannot trust anything you read, or told.
 BUT.....after a while, if you;re lucky, you start to see the patterns. Yep, that;s right..the patterns.
The curve ball in all this, is even the good guys will lie.
Let em give you a few examples.
 If Monsanto funds a college $1 mil, to study and prove how safe GMO foods are for humans, what findings do you think that college will render? You betcha, they will find them totally safe for human consumption. Why you ask?....because if that college renders a finding that says otherwise, do you think they'll get anymore funding? guessed it..they will NOT.
 And information is so easy to alter. Let;s say we ask 1000 people, if they approve of President Trump....and say 901 say NO..and 99 say can take that same info...and say...out of 100 people, 99% said they approve president Trump.
 So, yeah, there are patterns.
 What does all this mean you ask?'s shaped how I look at Washington...the food I eat...the medicine I take....and the crap I am taught. I remember back in college....even tho I took Turfgrass Management, I don't recall ONE chapter on organic care of turfgrass. Turns out...big chemical companies fund a lotta push the products in their lessons. And they do, trust me.

 So..what can I do about it? I can get my ass outside and grow some of my own food. And I know good and well what's in it. I started with two raised garden beds, for veggies. And slowly, for about the last 5 years, I've started a fruit orchard out's now fenced in, to protect it from deer. And just a few months ago, I built 4 new concrete raised garden beds inside the orchard as well. I can rotate my crops on a 4 year schedule, so I never have to plant the same plant, in the same soil (area) for 4 years. This cuts down on disease and pest pressure, as well as soil depletion. They will be ready for spring of 2021.
 In my orchard....I have planted.....two apple trees, a mulberry tree..and peach tree, a apricot tree (which I cut down, it blooms way too early)....a mulberry tree..which the fruit is like a piece of candy when ripe....dewberries, which I am switching over to regular blackberries.....table berries......service berry trees (2)........raspberries.......some wild strawberries....9 blueberry bushes (3 of which, are "pink lemon aid" blueberries)....and a wild passion flower, which makes a fruit called "maypop".....a lil taste of heaven in them. Outside the orchard, I have 3 paw paw trees I planted....and two honey berry bushes (aka northern fly honeysuckle) they make a blueish fruit said to taste a lot like blueberries.
 I also have wild persimmons and wild black cheery growing on my property.
 Other than my apricot tree I cut down...I also cut down my cherry bushes....Not all things work well, organically, or in my climate of high heat and humidity. But that's ok, there's plenty of things that do work.
 So...I will bore you more, with detail on some of the stuff I talked about here. Meanwhile, feel free to ask questions, or let me know what you grow, or would wanna grow.
Life's a garden...dig it!!!
Happy Growing
Dear Mr Garden Guru,
I'm wondering what do light coloured leaves generally mean on a plant? Could it be a lack of water? 
Just asking for a friend! Big Grin 
(09-21-2020, 02:11 AM)Aussielicious Wrote: Dear Mr Garden Guru,
I'm wondering what do light coloured leaves generally mean on a plant? Could it be a lack of water? 
Just asking for a friend! Big Grin 

Lil Ms could mean many things...lack of micro nutrients..and yes.....lack of water....stick ya fingers...I mean..tell ya friend to stick his or her fingers in teh it dry? it moist, wet?......ya have to investigate me lady

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